Paris based artist, Paul Hardy was trained at a very young age in an art school where he quickly developed and composed his universe: a world without concessions. His work frees himself from the constraints imposed by classical education through to his own techniques. Techniques that constantly evolve by experimenting with the use of matter.


Paul Hardy is opposed to established standards. By annotating all the elements that make up a work; the support, the canvas, the material and the paint itself, he experiments with new modes of representation by pushing the boundaries 

of the medium.


«I always try to deconstruct the way a painting is created. I look at the surfaces, the textures, and how the paint itself becomes the canvas.»


The surfaces of his paintings are very tactile and sensual, often dimensional enough to be considered as wall sculptures. He considers that paint is a clean material that works, molds, carves and intervenes as the disruptive element of the artwork. He understands the physical characteristics of each material. The answer is in his architectural background: He is obsessed with matter. Textures created play with the light and the angle of view. 

The physical involvement of the artist is also found in his work. He tears, breaks, bends, extracts and leaves an indelible imprint of the manufacturing process. Like the architecture that remains in time, like a photo that captures a memory, his works retain the physical memory of the process.


«It’s an intense and physical work, where the process sometimes becomes more interesting than the result itself.»


Paul Hardy’s creations go beyond mere ideological representation. They are part of the present, they are the protagonists of reality, and they try to influence the space they occupy.

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